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Meet The Team


Interior Designer

Nicole is our head designer. She has a passion for creating beautiful spaces. She has worked as a designer for over 15 years. Taking spaces and bringing them to life is something she loves to do. She has worked on many projects from designing new homes and renovating old ones. Having an eye for color, use of space, and décor is an important element of design, and Nicole has that eye! Nicole is great at working with clients on many levels. Whether the project is big or small, Nicole can help with choosing what items to display in the home, layout of furniture, or even new paint or flooring. She can help you every step of the way, from building a new house to loving the one you’re in. She loves making your house a home.

FUN-FACT:  She has a house full of boys and has odd pets at her house, including a tarantula, chameleon, and a snake. She’s been known to house a black widow from time to time.



Flooring Specialist

Shawn has been our flooring specialist for over 15 years. His original training and passion was in the art world, specializing in critique of paintings and sculpture. Shawn’s keen eye for design and detail has come in handy for any project that he undertakes, and gives him the credibility that every client dreams of. He is quick to find exactly the product suited to the client’s needs and is able to execute any project with excellence. He’s the best in the business when it comes to knowing each of his products’ application, wear, and install. He’s even an expert of the small stuff like what products to use to maintenance your floors and which ones to stay clear of! Whether it be reclaimed hardwood, laminate, carpet, tile, counter-tops, or luxury vinyl plank, Shawn can help you find the perfect product for your lifestyle and budget.

Fun Fact: Shawn is known to put on a mean hog roast, and he participates in the Sandhills Open Road Challenge in Arnold, Nebraska every year.